What the Bobcats’ Beat To

Popular music amongst students at MHS

by Megan Wood and Anna Shirley

Around MHS, a lot of people listen several different types of music. Whether you like pop, country, rap, alternative, or classical, everybody seems to have a different kind of taste for music.

image1 (1)

Rainbow Kitten Surprise playing live at The Complex in Salt Lake City. Photo by Anna Shirley

Mood is the deciding factor for many MHS students when it comes to what to listen to.

“I listen to music that fits my mood the best,” Senior Dylan Foutz said.

For other students at MHS, they love feel good/get up and move kind of songs

“Right now I’m really into oldies. Journey, Queen, that kind of era. It’s feel good music it gets me going,” Junior Hannah Brewer said.


Popular Nirvana song, “Smells like Teen Spirit,” released in 2002.

For a majority of the students, not just one genre will suffice when listening to music. Mixing different tastes, styles, genres and cultures is one way to diversify your playlist.

“I listen to a lot of stuff but mostly I’ll listen to alternative music Right now I like to listen to LANY. I like alternative because it’s kinda different and you get a different feel. I think it’s more fun to listen to; there’s more variety,” Junior Kylee Stoddard said.


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