MHS Student Council Elections begin

by Madison Burrell and Rachel Balls

This next school year there are 11 candidates running for miscellaneous positions in student body office at MHS, and elections will take place April 5, 6 and 7.

A vital part of the election process is the student body voting for the candidate they believe is best suited for office.


Junior Rachel Balls walks in to MHS to go vote Photo by Madison Burrell

“So, in student elections I feel that it’s really important for everybody to vote because there is such a limited amount of people there that every single vote really does matter and can come down to just one vote to choose you is actually going to be in office,” Sophomore Oliver Hancock said.

Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors are required to vote for the following year’s Student Body Officers.

“So you can get your kind of view out there so you can represent yourself and what you are doing, so you should vote because you should have a say in what is happening. If you can have a say then you can get what you want, that may sound a little selfish but you want to be able to at least have a fun time,” Junior Jarom Barnes said.

Students should look into all the candidates running, and vote for the one who they feel the best qualifies for the position.
“I usually vote for people who aren’t only my friend, but I know they are a great leader. And will plan fun things for the school and stuff like that,” Junior Izabelle Bryant said.


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