Keepin’ it Clean

by Jacob Cannon and Fabian Komberg

Having open campus is a privilege, but it has it’s responsibilities.  MHS students leave trash in the hallways, leaving Mr. Orr, the school’s janitor, to clean it up.  

“I guess there’s some selfish people in our high school, because they will come back from eating at McDonald’s, or Arby’s or whatever and they take the trash from lunch and just throw it right out in the road. It’s gross.  Someone has to pick it up, and that’s Dee,” Mr. Gentile, the Vice Principal at MHS, said.


Photo by Fabian Komberg

Some MHS students don’t really know Mr. Orr,  but the ones that do think he is very nice and important to MHS.

“I think he is super nice, he is super awesome because he is devoting so much time and effort in maintaining our school and making it nice for us to come and learn,” Senior Ashlyn Gordon said.

The students of MHS can help Mr. Orr by taking responsibility and picking up after themselves during lunch.


MHS Janitor Dee Orr

“It gets messy sometimes and you have to put up with it. It’s not as bad as it used to be, when the school first started they [students] didn’t know what a trash can was. They [students] can make our school cleaner if they would take more pride in it, I’ve think they’ve lost that. I don’t know if it’s because they do the same thing at home.  If they did it at my house they would be staying there ‘till it was cleaned up,” Orr said.


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