MHS students discuss most useful classes

by Megan Wood and Bryson Berrett

Every student at MHS that wants to graduate needs to complete a senior research paper. Some students love it, others hate it, but most enjoy the freedom of choosing their own topic.

“You know it’s like Project Citizen, I kinda like both, maybe they give a bit of leeway, but they kinda give you a general idea of what you can do,” Senior Caleb Schatt said when he was asked if he liked the amount of freedom that he had concerning his research paper.

There are four 12th grade english teachers at MHS and they all require a senior research paper.

“It’s a little different cause we talk about it like a research paper, but it’s actually more like an argumentative paper. Cause you have to argue a point, and then the research comes in backing up your point you’re not just like studying something. So but yeah I guess it teaches us how to write,” Senior Marshall Briggs said.

A lot MHS students appreciate the senior research paper, but not all for the same reason.

“I’m doing mine on civilian casualties in war, and if they are collateral damage or not, like if that’s ok or not…. Cause english, the main point in all your highschool career you’re working up and learning how to write papers, it’s a big part of english so this is kinda like the culmination because it’s a big paper, so yeah it’s not bad.” Briggs said.



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