Adios Advisory

MHS administration discontinues advisory in the 2017-2018 school year

by Anna Shirley and Keegan Andrus

Advisory next year will be canceled because of less productivity in recent years, while student’s and teacher’s at MHS schedules change.

“Advisory was originally used for the Senior Project, and what we did is start it ahead of time so that by the time they were a senior, it was a three year project,” Government Teacher, Mrs. Woolf said.           

At the beginning of the advisory program, a committee of teachers utilized the time to do hard work that benefited the students that permitted them to have less work at home.

his picture features a junior advisory class working on their SAT applications. photo credit by: Keegan Andrus

“Seniors were facing their senior project, project citizen and their research paper; the stress was over loaded. So we [a committee of teachers] wrote up the proposal to the state legislature to allow project citizen to be their senior project,” Mrs. Woolf said.

All of the work that was being put into the advisory program resulted in too much stress being put on the students.

“The elimination of advisory was for the purpose of the overload on the students,” Mrs. Woolf said.

Advisory used to be used as a useful tool and would help students accomplish their work. Now advisory is being discontinued because of lack of productivity.

“Mr. Bennett tasked me with coming up with the schedule for next year, but on a sidenote, I kept hearing teachers saying students don’t appreciate it. So I say, ‘Can we just do away with it?’ and Mr. Bennett said ‘Yes,’ ” Vice principal, Mr. Gentile said.



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