Foreign Exchanges Students at MHS

Some MHS students have come from different countries to the United States to experience American culture and people, as well as opportunity to compare the similarities and differences between countries.

Foreign exchange students leave their families, and come to a whole new country for the year. They get to experience a whole new culture. That means different foods, different ways of getting around, and plenty more.  

“You have so many fast food. So that’s funny, and cool. But I need to be careful because I’m gonna get fat,” Senior Louise Mathieu said.

In America we have different schooling then a lot of other countries. A couple of the students thought that it was a lot easier here.  

“This is more like a college type, because for us we can’t choose our classes, they give us our schedules and everything. It’s easier to get better grades here.- You don’t have as much homework as we do,” Senior Alejandro Canto said.

One thing that is different in a lot of countries compared to Rexburg is public transportation. In Rexburg a lot of people just have their own cars, while in other countries in order to get somewhere they have to use public transportation to get places.

Nyugen (second from the right) with her family in her home country of Germany.

“I love it. The people here are much different than my country. I feel like they are more welcoming and opening to everyone, and they are so nice. I really enjoy it. I’m from Germany. Rexburg compared to Frankford where I come from is very tiny and the difference is for example is that here you have to ask for rides and in Frankford you have public transportation,” Senior Quinn Nguyen said.



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