Snow Findings

by Jacob Cannon and Fabian Komberg

Because of recent snow melts, MHS students and teachers began to find strange objects that became buried under the winter snow.

“I found a dead body. It was by the rivers of a raccoon; dead body of a raccoon.  The snow was covered in blood; there was a raccoon that had been stabbed to death [by vultures],” Sophomore Ozzy Niederer said.


Even expensive and precious belongings can be found after the snow melts. Junior Zoe Ricks discovered an item that can be classified as both.

“I found a cellphone in the snow [an iPhone 4]. It [still] worked. I gave it back to the owner,” Ricks said.  

Other people found strange stuff but never took it home, and found it once again after the snow had melted.  

“In our front yard, when the snow first melted a couple weeks ago, we found a scooter, and we’re like ‘Oh, that’s cool’, but we never moved it so when it snowed again, it was covered again.  Then we found it again a few days ago, ” Junior Emily Curtis said.



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