MHS students plan their activities for Spring Break 2017

by Bryson Berrett and Madison Burrell

For MHS students there are a lot of different things to do over spring break. Others just stay at home watch Netflix, and sleep. 

Whether you love the outdoors or you prefer to stay inside,  there are a lot of things to do in Rexburg. Some of these activities include biking, going to the sand dunes, playing at the park, playing tennis, and playing soccer.

“I go to the sand hills and hike,” Junior Adrie Rumsey said.

MHS students enjoy outdoor activities. By the time spring break rolls around most students are fed up with the snow, and are ready to have fun outside and enjoy the sun.

“Usually work, or I go on a vacation with my family. Well seeing that I play tennis, I would probably go and play tennis,” Junior Spencer Hinck said.

Another thing that lots of people like to do in Rexburg is simply hanging out with friends, playing soccer, or going to the park. Or even spending the whole day playing in a field, these are a few things that students do to share time with friends. No matter who you are, spring break can be an opportunity to relax and have fun.

“My birthday is during spring break, so that’s pretty cool. I will probably just play soccer for the whole entire day. I don’t really like big parties if I’m going to be completely honest, but I like to play soccer a lot. I’ll probably just go up to the turfs up by the temple and just play all day,” Sophomore Sam Bourgeous said.


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