The Reason Behind the TV Scandal at MHS Uncovered

by: Bryson Berrett, Keegan Andrus and Madi Burrell

Students at MHS use teacher password to hack TV’s.

At MHS many students know about the password leaks. Rumors spread quickly throughout MHS, hence the widespread availability of teachers passwords. Because so many students knew the password, some students were able to hack into the TV in the downstairs intersection.


The TV in the middle intersection photo by: Keegan Andrus

“Last year I had a class. I entered my password, then a kid saw it and guessed that it was the same as my wifi password and it was. I guess they just handed it out to a bunch of different kids,” Mr. Klassen said.

The technology that was used was easily accessible and has now been changed to prevent incidents of hacking to happen again.

“All of the teachers have access to be able to broadcast through each other’s rooms, they can use each other’s technology and all that kind of stuff and that TV was hooked up to that system so if someone had a teacher’s password they could login to that,” Mr. Bennett said.  

The feed from the hack is caught live by MHS students.

“At lunch I saw the TV switch to the YouTube logo. Then it turned to a loading screen and the video pops up as two gorillas,” Junior Braxton Rasmussen said.

The password leaks have lead to multiple accounts of hacks. But According to all of the sources no major damage was done.

“There has been talk that teachers are going to have to change their password every 4 to 6 months. I don’t know if that is going to happen or not. Students stay off teacher wifi, I think things got blown out of proportion, a lot. I honestly think that it was just kids wanting faster internet,” Mr. Klassen said.


TV in the Cafeteria photo by: Cassi Johnson


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