MHS fulfills traditions on Saint Patrick’s Day

by Keegan Andrus and Nohea Jensen

MHS is celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day from their homes to the classroom today. The feast of Saint Patrick marks the death of the foremost patron saint of Ireland. Known for big feasts, and traditions, this holiday was meant to symbolize the irish spirit and that’s what MHS is doing.

“I’m Irish, like ethnicity. We eat corned beef and cabbage every single Saint Patties Day and that’s a common thing but that’s an american Irish thing. In Ireland, they don’t really eat what we eat,” Mr. Gentile said.


The MHS lunch staff provided green patties in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. Photo Courtesy from Keegan Andrus

Not only are our administrators celebrating but MHS lunches turned green.

“We are having green cookies, green chocolate chip cookies. Also, we are having shrek wraps with the green tortillas and green beans,” lunch lady Elaine Luthy  said.

Students of MHS celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in a variety of ways.

“I like dressing up in green. In the morning just having like a big green breakfast and the milk green pancakes. We have a big Irish dinner. I really like cabbage which is kind of unusual,” Sarah Gentile said.




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