Bringing A Whole New Meaning to Pie

by: Cassi Johnson & Madi Burrell

On March 14 the math department at MHS offers extra credit to their students if they bring a pie to share. Bringing a whole new meaning to Pi, 3.14. It has become a tradition at MHS to bring a pie and students look forward to receiving a piece of pie, even if they aren’t taking a math class.

“I have two math classes and in both of them I ate pie,” senior Taylor Martindale said.

IMG_5492 (1).JPG

It started in the math department but has branched out to the whole school. Mrs. Palmer started serving pie in her class on March 14 many years ago to get students excited about the math concept, Pi or 3.14. The rest of the MHS math department jumped on board five or six years ago and from there it has become a tradition with the students

“So we just got to class and then we walked down to Mrs. Mclaughlin’s classroom and it’s pretty good, and now we are talking about Pi, and taking a kahoot quiz,” sophomore Cole Johnston said.

In order to have enough pie to feed the students, Mrs. Hart said they offer a creative incentive.

“I give two Pi’s worth of extra credit test points (6.28 points) and the other teachers give what they want, one Pi or two Pi’s worth of points,” Mrs. Hart said.


The first time MHS did this, the local stores ran out of pies and now they to call and remind the stores that it’s Pi Day.

“I saw a sign in Broulims the other day that said get your pi day pies here and we saw a pie over there that had a price tag of $3.14, or pi. I thought that was pretty clever,” Mrs. Hart said.

IMG_2232 (1).JPG


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