MHS students prepare for the baseball season

by Gabi Carter, Brynn Castillow, Makenzie Parker


Baseball season is just around the corner for MHS. Many people including the players are looking forward to it, but not all for the same reason.


For Junior Kennedy Keck, seeing the varsity, boys baseball team in baseball pants is something Keck is looking forward to. According to Keck, at MHS the baseball pants aren’t very tight.


“Going to our boys baseball game is like going to a girls volleyball game and having them wear basketball shorts,” Keck said.

Junior Spencer Evans sliding to third

The team itself is something Junior Spencer Evans is looking forward to for this Baseball season. Evans is close to everyone on the team and they always have a good time. team mates that get along is a good asset to having a successful team.


“I think we’re going to be good this year, we’ll definitely make it to state.” Evans said.


Senior Jake Rammell is most looking forward to winning state.
“We are going to achieve that by being the best baseball team out there, by out playing every team that we play.” Rammell said.


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