What is FCCLA?

by Nohea Jensen and Anna Shirley

There are many clubs in high schools that center their attention around the community. FCCLA is one of those clubs but have many goals and skills for students to achieve and develop.


The acronym stands for Family, Community, Career, Leaders of America. FCCLA focuses on helping the community and the families around us. Every student who is involved in FCCLA has their own little meaning of what FCCLA means to them.


“It’s a way to meet new people and have so many more opportunities than you usually would. It also means helping my community and people around me,” Sophomore Kamryn Heyrend said.

Photo Courtesy from Nohea Jensen


There are many different useful skills that come along with FCCLA.


“In FCCLA I’ve learned to manage my time. We have lots of projects, especially in the leadership development class,” Sophomore Trin Lage said.


People have been getting involved in the community and help the families around us through FCCLA since June 11, 1945.


“It’s [FCCLA has] helped me to be apart of the community. I think it’s fun to learn new things about people, what’s actually going on in our community,” said Lage.


FCCLA can help you in the future with different careers and opportunities throughout your life.


“It opens up doors you don’t even know are there,” said Mrs. Wallis.


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