MHS Orchestra Prepares for Spring Concert

by: Madi Burrell & Rachel Balls

MHS Orchestra has a concert tonight at 8 pm. They are looking forward to showcasing their music at the MHS Auditorium.

“I like the music we make and I like the kinds of fun we have cause even if it’s work, it can still be fun. We have been practicing a lot at home and in class,” Junior Calvin Fay said.


Every year the orchestra has around 3-4 concerts. They all work hard, and practice so they can learn their music, and perform it to the best of their abilities. In orchestra they play a lot of different kinds of music.

“I play the viola. We have just been practicing everyday, like Mr. Hansen has us run through our songs and really focus on feeling music,” Junior Lorien Smith said.

They focus on making their music as clean as they can, with no mistakes.


“Honestly yes and no. I’m excited to play the music but not because it is my birthday. We’ve been practicing our songs and rehearsing. Today we practiced on the stage. I’m shook.” Junior Ian Ashby said.



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