Fandoms isn’t just a hobby, it’s a life style

MHS Students enjoy being in Fandoms 

By: Carson Meredith, Brynn Castillow, Kayla Horne

Fandoms solemnly swear that they are up to no good. This is being a fan of something or someone always. Wherever you may go, fandoms are sure to be around.  

Sophomore Alydia Grover loves the book series and movies of Harry Potter. She considers herself as the biggest Harry Potter fan. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is Grover’s favorite movie because of the character Sirius Black.   

“Sirius is so mysterious and has such a dark side. Everyone thinks he’s so much different from everyone else. In reality he’s such an awesome guy,” Grover said.

A fandom many don’t know exist, is what many call bronies. Bronies are men who like the animated series, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. This has become an unexpected fandom for the franchise, but according to, There is an entire online community of Bronies that has blossomed out of the message boards and into the real world. 

“I like My Little Pony because it makes me really happy. It isn’t as childish as everyone thinks it is, it has real life lessons and actual problems that people face.” Sophomore Joseph Smart said. 

‘A fellow MHS student showing off his many My Little Pony key chains’

A new and extremely fast growing fandom is The Flash. This is about a superhero from the DC TV universe who can run at superhuman speeds saving his city from other supervillains. Senior Kamrie Martin is a hardcore Flash Fandom.

“My favorite season is probably the second. It’s probably because that’s when Barry, The Flash, and Iris fell in love. I really like Zoom he was cool and scary and I like Doctor light she was my favorite bad-guy. If i could change anything then I would make Barry stop changing the timeline.” Martin said.


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