Project Citizen: Reports of Rape

by Konner Jackson and Genna Waldron

Project Citizen: the two words every upcoming senior dreads hearing. This project is one of the many graduation requirements needed to receive a diploma, and also a capstone of 12 years of social studies. During project citizen students are able to address a problem in society by coming up with alternative policies and finding a possible way to solve it by going through different levels of government. One group from MHS tackled one of these serious problems.

Justin Weiszhaar, Allison Rigby, Matt Bolingbroke, Jaxon Edelmayer and Treyson Young presented about the reports of rape on college campus’. They focused on EROC (End, Rape, On, Campus).

Justin, Matt, Jaxon, Allison, and Treyson all pose after finishing their presents

Justin, Matt, Jaxon, Allison, and Treyson all pose after finishing their presents

“I actually had a cousin who went through this problem and we looked up the statistics for it the first day and we found that it was such a high statistical problem that we knew it would be a great project to present on.” said, Senior, Justin Weiszhaar.

It was a sensitive topic they covered. There solution and action plan they came up with was, reverse mandate. Meaning that if the colleges or schools don’t follow their rules, they will take away the federal funding. They wanted to let students know about the CASA act, (Campus accountability and safety act). Where you can donate to the EROC website and help the victims that were raped.

“I think it’ll help us with college honestly especially me, as the girl, it helps you to realize how big of a deal it really is and how I need to be careful with the people I meet and the people who I hang-out with in the future.” said, Senior, Allison Rigby.   



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