What is Project Citizen?

by Madison Burrell and Hannah Brewer

Each trimester seniors take government and participate in Project Citizen. The seniors spend days and nights researching and making a presentation that will help out the community.

“Project Citizen is an opportunity for students to basically use what they have learned in Government class and all of their social studies classes. It is where they go into their communities, find a public policy problem, so it’s got to involve government and then develop a solutions to that public policy problem.” Mr. Reeser said.

The mayor has came in and watched some of the presentations and in years past some presentations have been taken into the community.

“I know there has been some that have been taken and seriously done.So yeah it has an affect for sure. Not to mention, I’ve seen the mayor in there and city council, and they are hearing you, and these ideas, all it is is an idea is what changes everything else.” Mr. Gentile said.

Project citizen is not an easy task. With papers and powerpoints and discussions, it can become quite the task, but it can also help in learning real world problems.

“It was long, and frustrating, it was really stressful at times.Mostly because of all the work you had to do, but I kind of feel like it prepares you for the real world, and real world assignments, like college might be more like that, and not a lot of people chose good subjects to do their project citizen on.” Senior Briggs Neff said.



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