Art in an Unusual Form

by Madison Burrell and Rachel Balls

The earliest known form of art was cave drawings, and since then, we have only progressed to the art we have today.


MHS Senior, Shaylee Severn, likes to take a different approach to art rather than just pencil on paper. For quite a while, Severn has been doodling and drawing on her skin. Within the most recent months, she has also drawn on some of her friends arms and legs, after they saw her drawings on her arms.


“I’ve always liked to doodle and draw little things and one day I just got bored with paper and I started drawing on my arms and stuff,” Severn said.


Not only does she stick to the standard marker, Severn also experiments and plays with makeup and special effects. For multiple Halloweens and different occasions, she has turned herself into a whole different character.


“I actually like to do special effects makeup too. My brother is in to photography and I’ve done a zombie shoot with him before so I basically just turned myself into a zombie and that’s pretty fun,” Severn said.

Photo Courtesy: Shaylee Severn

Photo Courtesy: Shaylee Severn

No matter what the form, Severn always manages to create something awesome. Starting out from just doodles on assignments, she has turned this into a hobby that she really enjoys.


“I’ve just always been into it and everytime I get bored in class I just start drawing all over things, all of my notebooks are full of flowers and stuff. Now I pull out my sharpies and draw things on my arms,” Severn said.




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