What a Girl Wants on Valentine’s Day

by: Lyric Evans, Hali Rasmussen

Courtesy photo Ashley Fisher.

Courtesy photo Ashley Fisher.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The expectation vs. reality of Valentine’s gifts is an ongoing battle. Here is what the ladies have to say about their top gifts.

“Chocolate definitely, flowers are a typical, maybe a big stuffed animal, a cute necklace, and just a cute date. I would want to do something fun like bowling or rollerblading. Then, going out for ice cream later.” Sophomore Ashley Fisher said.

A fun date was a top pick for all the girls. That way they can just spend quality time with you. Chocolate was also a main gift, but make sure you know what kind. Junior Olivia Marshall was particular with her chocolate choice.

“Flowers, that’s always good, it sounds cheesy, but they’re a good choice. Chocolate, that’s easy, but I like the chocolate covered strawberries not just chocolates.” Marshall said.

Homemade gifts can be a good idea. Homemade gifts are supposed to be from the heart, so if you do decide to do this, take the time to make it nice. Cards are a fun and easy way to show your feelings. Senior Anna Chapman prefers homemade Valentine’s over those that are bought.  

“I don’t want to pressure the other person to buy me things, so I would really just appreciate something that came directly from the person, and it would be more sentimental.” Chapman said.

Gentlemen whatever you decide to get, keep in mind that these ladies favorites were chocolate, homemade cards, and a date night. Valentine’s Day may seem hard, but hopefully this gave you some ideas.

“Even if it doesn’t count as a ‘gift’ I would want to spend the day with the person, quality time really hits me.” Marshall said.


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