Escorts rock the stage at DYW



by: Kenzie Parker, Natalie Fullmer


Recently, juniors at MHS have spent hours preparing for the Distinguished Young Women program, having the opportunity to gain life skills and shine on stage. The girls are not the only ones who have been working hard to prepare for the program. The girls have chosen four escorts to help on stage. The escorts this year were Joe Jones, Reggie South, James Thueson, and Spencer Hinck.

“It’s really fun, we’ve done a lot with the girls, a lot of practicing, late nights, and a lot of work,” Junior Spencer Hinck said.

They have practiced for weeks to prepare for the performance. They are there to escort the girls and to help in other ways needed.

“Pretty much we just stand there and walk them and we push their piano around. We are pretty much there just to do whatever they need,” Junior Joe Jones said.

They’ve had lots of fun working with the girls and preparing their own performance. The escorts prepared a dance to show off some of their moves. It was an entertaining dance to watch.

Although there is a lot of commitment that goes into preparing for the performance, they’ve had the opportunity to spend time with their friends.

“It’s 25 really cute girls. It’s fun just to be there with all four of the guys, we are pretty tight friends, but that is definitely a benefit,” Jones said.



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