Valentines Day

Expectations vs. Reality

by Karli Kidd and Nohea Jensen


When Valentine’s Day doesn’t go as planned

Most people have expectations for Valentine’s Day whether they’re single, in a relationship, or things are just plain complicated.

V-day is all about showing people that you care about them. Students at MHS share what expectations and hopes they have for Feb 14, 2017.

“Most people give roses and a box of chocolates” said Junior Matilyn Sellers.

Giving flowers is a classic Valentine’s Day gesture. According to The Fiscal Times, $1.9 billion are spent on Valentine’s flowers each year!  

While some hope for giant stuffed animals, shopping, or a fancy dinner date, students of Madison have other plans.

“Things that are simple and nice mean the most” said Sophomore Oliver Hancock.

Students at MHS are satisfied with the little things.

“If I’m with the person I care about that’s all that really matters to me,” said Junior Noah Della Silva.

“I hope my boyfriend gets me something or does somehing nice for me.” said Sellers.

When people make any sort of effort on Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t go unnoticed. If you’re considering getting someone a Valentine, choose something easy and make it meaningful.

“It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing as long as you’re with who you really care about and if you don’t have someone you really care about then just have fun!” said Senior Marshall Briggs.

Lower your expectations for what you’ll receive and chances are you’ll have a happy Valentine’s Day, and if you don’t have a special someone, grab a pan of brownies, some tissues (lotion infused recommended), and watch your favorite chick-flick.


Expectation of Valentine’s Day versus reality


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