Galentines Day? Nope, not a spelling error!

By Kayla Horne, Rachel Morrin

Galentine’s Day is a holiday that occurs on Feb 13. It’s a day for girls to celebrate with their best girlfriends. This holiday originated from the TV series called Parks and Recreation.

giphy“What’s Galentine’s Day, it is only the best day of the year”

This holiday is not just for those who don’t have a boyfriend. This occurs the day before Valentine’s Day so that you can set aside a day for your gals.

“Galentine’s day is just basically this super fun day where girls get together and hang out whether you have a boyfriend or not, you just hang out with and support the gals you love!” Senior Sarah Chace said.

A group of a girls celebrating there day together. Photo courtesy, Zach Winn

A group of a girls celebrating there day together. Photo courtesy, Teresa Moldemhauer 

With Galentine’s Day, there are so many activities you can do with your girlfriends. Senior Kalli Wightman participates in this annual holiday. Below is a list of ideas for things you can do on Galentine’s.

  • Exchange a few Galentine’s Day gifts
  • Throw a party
  • Watch a movie

“I prefer Galentine’s over Valentine’s, because it’s for your gals, you don’t need no man.

For Galentine’s we’ve gone hot tubbing, watched the movie Austenland, and ate pizza,” Wightman said.

Galentine’s Day is a perfect chance for you to get all your girls together and celebrate. We all need a break sometimes from our boyfriends, so take a day off, gather your girls, and have a fun day.

¨I prefer Galentine’s Day just because you can always hang out with your boyfriend, but it is fun to have a day with your girls,¨ Sophomore Avery Stoddard said.





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