Discovering the Ag Building at MHS

by: Madison Burrell and Emily Stumpf

Many students have seen the mysterious Ag building behind MHS, but few realize what’s hidden within those walls. The building may seem large and empty, but it serves a purpose.

“Everything from fish, to fire, to wood, to metal, lasers, plasma cutters, bows and arrows, castrating tools, and anything else under the sun iffa-1s out there in that building,” Mr. Wetzel said, “And flowers. Tons and tons of flowers.”

The Ag (agriculture) building serves as the home of the FFA organization at MHS, but anyone can go out there and take a class or two during the school year.

“I think they learn about dirt and potatoes and future farming in America,” Junior James Thueson said.

Most students at MHS think along the same lines as Thueson when they hear the acronym FFA around school, but it is about more than just dirt and potatoes. Senior Randy Ball, a student involved in FFA, had more to say about the organization.

“[We are] learning about agriculture and how to implement [it] into life anywhere, whether city or rural, and then to help others learn about where their food comes from and how it’s produced,” Ball said.

The classes offered out in the Ag building cover a variety of topics, and no one knows this better than the teachers themselves.

“I teach forestry and wildlife, and I teach ecology. I teach agriculture, ag mechanics, welding, [and] farm business management,” Mr. Bair said, “More kids need to come out and check it out.”


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