The Great Job Hunter: MHS student

By: Genna Waldron and Rachel Ball

Almost a quarter of high school students have jobs, but having college kids in town, finding work as a MHS student is not always easy. Even if students have jobs, should they?

“I feel like it’s stressful to have a job when you’re in highschool cause it causes you to have more work to do,” Junior Meris Kennedy said.

On the other hand, many MHS students want jobs, and once they have one, they work very hard to keep it. Junior, Becca Stucki, works very hard at her job as a daycare worker.

“It’s mostly good, sometimes it’s hard and it stresses me out, but for the most part, I’ve learned a lot of patience,” Stucki said.

Some students have applied for many jobs but do not get hired. Senior, Sommer Waldron has applied to many places and has gotten no response from any.

“It is frustrating, because I go and apply places and go back and I never get the job,” Waldron said.

With college students always competing for employment, it can be a real task looking for a job. Taking on responsibility of a job in high school can be stressful but rewarding. Whether you’re looking for a job or not, you’ll have one at one point in your life, or another so getting a resume started now is always a good idea.

“Start getting your resume done now so that you don’t become overwhelmed and so that don’t forget things that are important. You guys do a lot of great stuff in highschool, you’re in clubs, you’re in things that are important that need to be on a resume,” Mrs. Miller said.

Photo by Rachel Balls

Photo by Rachel Balls


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