Random Acts of Kindness at MHS

What this week would mean to a student at MHS story by: Cassi Johnson

I knew that Random Acts of Kindness were supposed to fill the halls this week at MHS. Before this week began, I was asked by student council to create a video spotlighting the Winter Sports teams as they completed Random Acts of Kindness. I was stressed beyond imagine, but I wanted to do something for our school and so I accepted their invitation and began filming.

I was impressed with the amount of service that was shown to community members, coaches, teachers and behind the scenes workers at MHS. While videoing with Student Council, Senior Ryan Kinville, gave an intro to our video.

“…Hello Week is about inclusion, it’s about going beyond yourself to create something that’s bigger than yourself,” Kinville said.

Last year during Start with Hello Week, I was not impressed or driven to create something, to say hello. Kinville’s words motivated me. Kinville amazed me, and I was excited to see what MHS could do.

Now flashback to today.

I woke up excited. I had prepared for this day. I was ready to see what Start with Hello week would create for our school. Walking into the school,  was greeted by friendly people handing out pencils and mints.


Walking through the halls something was different; the classrooms and people were the same but I couldn’t tell what the difference was. Than it dawned on me, people were smiling. Normally the students at MHS avoid eye contact with people who aren’t in there friend groups, and avoid all social interactions.

However today, five people I had never talked to before said hello. I interacted with fellow students whom I had never seen before and that was just walking to a classroom. People were sharing smiles and reaching beyond themselves.

Kinville said, “It’s about going beyond yourself to create something that’s bigger than yourself,” and I was witnessing his words come to life.
Throughout this next week branch out and Start with Hello.


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