All the Way to State

BPA Members prepare for State and future careers

by Konner Jackson and Foster Jensen

Business Professionals of America Association (BPA) at MHS has been very successful, yet slightly overlooked as a competitive group. The BPA team competed in their regional competition on Friday, Jan 13, 2017. They took home several awards, and had many club members qualify for the state competition in Boise later this year.


Senior Blake Rawlings celebrates as he goes to accept his winnings Photo Courtesy from Emily Bennett

Business Professionals of America is an extracurricular organization that prepares students wanting to pursue a career in business. Our students select a business related event and compete with other students by demonstrating their knowledge of that event.  BPA member Marshall Briggs, who was awarded first place in entrepreneurship, put time and effort into his presentation.

“I did BPA because I want to be a businessman one day,“  said Briggs, who was one of the many members to walk away with an award from Madison.

Members of this group are not only preparing for a future career, they seek opportunities for  higher education and to learn life skills.


The BPA members shows their awards Photo Courtesy from Emily Bennett

“Being president of BPA brings you scholarships, I can build my resume with it, and when I put in my college applications I got to put that in there and it made it a lot easier,” says president of BPA, Emily Bennett.

“Being a leader isn’t just setting up meetings and communicating to members, but also listen to others and help them succeed,” said Bennett.

These members are searching for opportunities to prepare them as future leaders.


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