Super Bowl Food

By Kayla Horne, Natalie Fullmer

The Super Bowl is great and all but if your food isn’t touchdown-worthy, your team might lose.The Super Bowl is a time where families come together to throw a party and serve a variety of foods. Let’s be honest, what’s the Super Bowl without good food?

Along with family gatherings, Senior Journee Sutton has lots of food to eat. After Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl is next in line for the most food eaten. To throw an amazing party make sure there is food that is sure to please.

“Usually my dad will make prime rib, we’ll have a big meal and then like a bunch of snacks. We’ll have prime rib, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, it’s kind of like a Thanksgiving dinner almost, and then we still have a table of crackers and chips, pop and lemonade.” Sutton said.


Courtesy Photo

Perhaps you’re one who does not like to cook, for some it’s an excuse to not have to cook a big meal. Another way to have that Super Bowl menu is to just go out and buy it. Leave the mess behind and pick up some pre-made snacks.

“A super bowl party at our house is mainly finger food, I don’t like to cook. Probably this year I’ll just go to Papa Murphy’s and buy a pizza so I can just put it in the oven to bake.” Mrs.Thompson said.

Maybe things are more low key for the Super Bowl at your house. Things such as spending time with your family and just eating until you’re stomach is full. The Super Bowl could be having time to relax and enjoy a football game.

“A typical Super bowl party at my house consists of me and my family hanging out downstairs, watching the Super Bowl with a bunch of snacks and just stuffing our faces. We have frozen pizzas, ice cream, soda, usually the little smokies.” Junior Spencer Olsen said.


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