Did You Really Do Everything Kind?

MHS students learn and celebrate DYRDEKn Day

by Allison Lundin and Carson Meredith

With all of these “national holidays” it’s hard to think about being kind. They are all about doing something for yourself. One person noticed this and decided to try to put an end to it. Rob Dyrdek, created his own holiday just for kindness. It is called D.Y.R.D.E.K. Day it is on February 1. It stands for Did.You.Really.Do.Everything.Kind .

Webster has heard about DYRDEK day but he said that he has since forgot about it.  

“Isn’t it about giving or something? I’ll be kind to people.” Junior Cameron Webster said.

There are almost infinite ways to celebrate DYRDEK Day. It doesn’t always have to be something big and extravagant. Simple things like just making someone smile or giving a compliment perfectly encompass the spirit of DYRDEK Day.

“So DYRDEK Day is just a day about kindness because Rob Dyrdek wanted to like spread goodness around. So, he just does lots of service. One year me and my friend did a bunch of stuff and like handed out candy and balloons and stuff at school.” Senior Mallory Mason said.  “I think everyday is good to be kind but yeah, it’s good that we have a day every year to emphasize that.”


Walter and Gregg fill vending machines for the whole school to enjoy.

Mason wants to try to do something for DYRDEK Day this year.

It may not be a big deal to some people in the fact that it isn’t very popular. Although DYRDEK Day is a small holiday it is important to celebrate.

“Yeah I think I will. It depends on how I’m feeling that day.” Nevaeh Morales said.

Whether you’re going all out and leaving massive tips for waiters or waitresses or just doing something small, like smiling at someone or giving them a ride somewhere, try to remember no matter what, we need to always be kind. Dyrdek day reminds us of this and sets aside a day especially for that.


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