Snapchat Vs. Texting

by Gabi Carter, Rachel Morrin, and Rachel Balls

In a world where there are so many ways of communication, a strong debate arises. Snapchat or texting? Since the release of Snapchat in September 2011, statistics show that 9,000 snaps are sent per second, and there are 150 million active users per day.

With the popularity of Snapchat increasing, texting through a cell phone number was expected to drop. When the first text message was sent in December 1992, texting became an instant hit and has only gotten more popular. An average person sends about 3,853 text messages per month, and 97% of Americans text at least once a day.

Although texting and snapchatting have the same idea with sending messages back and forth with your friends, there is a difference between the two apps.

“One is more or less for communicating better, and that’s texting. You can just communicate better and you can still send pictures so it’s not that big of a deal,” Junior Tanner Cornelius said.

With the ability to send pictures through texting, it provides some of the same features as Snapchat. Snapchat tends to be more private some would say, with only being able to see what is said for a matter of seconds.


Amber Helfrich taking a picture with the puppy filter on Snapchat Jan. 18 2017

“I prefer when people text me because I think snapping is kind of tacky and kind of too private and makes it seem like they don’t even want to talk to you over text. A lot of people just snap people because they don’t want other people to know that they’re texting someone,” Junior Krystle Mickelsen said.

The whole purpose of Snapchat is that you can send a picture to your friends to show what you are doing or just to simply show your emotion at the moment.

“You get to see the person and if they’re like, being sarcastic then they can make a face,” Junior Spencer Evans said.

Along with Evans, many people agree that seeing the person you’re talking to is more beneficial than just reading words.

“It’s nice to see the people who I’m talking to. It’s easier to be in contact with more people that way than it is texting,” Senior Kolby Mumm said.


Parker Weber shooting a quick text to his friend on Jan. 18 2017

Our generation is known for being very involved with technology, and not communicating face to face. Thanks to Snapchat you now can text face to face. However, texting is still widely used and just as effective.

Now that you know the advantages of each app, comment down below which one you prefer to use.


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