Madison Maniacs Demolish Hillcrest in Rec Basketball Showdown

by: James Maguire

from Sports Journalism

On Tuesday, the Madison Maniacs recreational basketball team wasn’t looking for just the win–they were looking for a blowout. The Maniacs got it in a huge 55-25 victory over the Hillcrest team.

The Maniacs are apart of the Idaho Falls Recreational Basketball League, which is for anyone looking to play games of basketball without having to be on a school team or spending too much time on the sport. Anyone can join the league as long as they have a team and pay a fee. This week the Madison Maniacs took on the Hillcrest recreational basketball team at the Idaho Falls Recreational Center.  

When the game tipped off, the Maniacs were off to a slow start for the first couple of minutes with only 4 points. They were missing about half of their shots, but so was their opponent. Nine minutes into the game the Maniacs were leading 6-4, but then the Maniac’s player Hayden Leathem nailed a deep 3-point shot. Once this shot was made, the Maniacs were an unstoppable offensive force leading up to the halftime. By halftime the Madison Maniac’s were leading Hillcrest 23-9.

By the start of the second half the Maniac’s were struggling on defense, but their offense was making up for this. Within the first ten minutes of the second half the Maniac’s had added 14 points to their 23 and were now leading Hillcrest 37-17. Some players on the Maniacs seemed to be unstoppable.

Coach Kolby Mumm said, “Regge Dayton and Hayden Leathem made a big impact this game, especially with their 3-point shooting in the second half.” Madison began to slow down their pace towards the end of the game once they realized they had the win locked up. The Madison Maniacs came out with a huge win over Hillcrest by outscoring them 55-25.

The Maniac’s coach Kolby Mumm said, “It was a solid team effort, but our defense was terrible, we can’t even rebound the ball.” When asked about the future of the Madison Maniacs and what to expect in future games he said, “We are going to score a hundred points in one game, that’s our goal. We won’t lose either. Going undefeated isn’t even a goal, it’s just going to happen no matter what.”


Madison’s Brayden Johnston making a shot halfway through the second half.


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