Another Day Off

Students enjoy a three day weekend

by Lyric Evans, Genna Waldron, and Hali Rasmussen

Every day people have a day off of school, is a good day. Every body spends their days off differently. Some people will relax all day, while others go adventuring with family or friends. These are some things students and teachers will be doing on their day off.


“I’m going to go steal my grandkids and spend the day with them. I will have them for the whole weekend, we are having a sleepover and I will just spoil them. Bake cookies and read stories with them,” Teacher Mrs. Miller said.


While Miller plays with her grandchildren, other students have a different perspective on how they will spend their day off school.


“Sleep in, eat a lot, maybe hang out with friends, and that’s about it. I’m going to sleep in till 10:23am, and I will eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast, for lunch I will have a peanut butter jelly sandwich and for dinner I’ll have my mom’s favorite spaghetti,” Senior Cooper Gunnerson said.


Gunnerson is chilling the day away, while others travel outside of their home for their day off.


“We should most definitely have this day off. You know I’m definitely going to go somewhere, family is coming up so we gotta get lit. We are going to Utah to play a lil soccer at my aunt’s house,” Junior Hunter Clay said.

Hunter Clay participates in a soccer game Courtesy Photo by Hunter Clay

Hunter Clay participates in a soccer game
Courtesy Photo by Hunter Clay

Whether you were at home watching Netflix, traveling, or hanging out with family, go out and enjoy your day off of school. And don’t forget why we haved a day off.


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