Rexburg’s Free Ice Skating Rink

By: Lyric Evans, Rachel Morrin, Nohea Jensen

Rexburg is known for its frigid temperatures, but what better way to beat the winter blues than a FREE Ice Skating rink in your backyard. John Hepworth, co-owner of Tri State Tire, has wanted to create a rink for family members and others to enjoy during the cold winter months.

Rexburg Rapids, became a good location for this ice skating rink to be created with the large grass fields surrounding the pool. With the ice skating rink located only a few miles from MHS, students have another opportunity to get out of the house during the winter season. Here are a few responses from students about the new ice skating rink in town.

“I think a lot of people will go because there used to be one by the golf course, but I am not for sure if it is there anymore.” Junior Layton Dameron said.


A view of the free Ice Skating. It is located right next to Rexburg Rapids.

Dameron thinks that this will be a fun date idea for high school students and he would top off the date either with hot chocolate or a movie.

The Ice Skating rink is in a convenient location and completely free. However, you have to bring your own skates. Students are excited to see if they will continue to make the rink in the future.

“lf it goes well I think they should continue with the ice skating rink. But, if not, it would be a lot of money to put into something that they could spend on something else, the people of Rexburg would want more.” Junior Jaylyn Busby said.  

With Rexburg’s dropping temperatures, some students were concerned to hear the rink is placed outside.

I would just tough it out and go in the cold just to have fun. I don’t really care how cold it is. Just bundle up.” Busby said.

“I probably wouldn’t go out if it is below freezing.  It would be fun to go ice skating here rather than traveling to Rigby or Idaho Falls and it would be a great outdoor activity to do.” Sophomore Kinsie Johnson said.

With the cold weather this week, Hepworth is hoping to have the Ice Skating rink completely done and ready for students and families to come and enjoy.


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