Skiing Vs. Snowboarding at MHS

by Carson Meredith, Kenzie Parker and Madison Burrell 

Whether you’re a sports jock or school lover, you probably like to snowboard or ski. As long as snowboards have been shredding the hills, skiers are always there. The long time rivalry of snowboarders and skiers has been a big debate in MHS.

“They both have their pros and cons. I like skiing because it’s more challenging. You have to focus on both feet instead of both being hooked together.” Sophomore Colton Porter, said when asked why he enjoyed skiing over snowboarding.


Dallin Meredith snowboards down the mountain. Courtesy Picture from Carson Meredith

Though many skiers have changed to snowboarding and vise versa there is still a big controversy. Skiing is more of a family thing, the parents teach their kids and they can all go out together. Every now and then one of the children may change to snowboarding. Snowboarding has come into the newer and younger generation while skiing has stayed behind but is still a close tie.

“I think the older generation is more of your skiers and the younger generation is more of your snowboarders. I am not in favor one or the other. I think the controversy is how you traverse across the mountain. Skiers do more nice ‘S’-like turns, but with snowboarders it is more a downhill run. I think it is the generation gap,” faculty member at MHS and former ski teacher at Kelly Canyon, Debbie Thompson said.

When you’re out on the slopes it doesn’t matter very much how you are make it down. It’s just an enjoyable experience for everyone, snowboarders and skiers alike. Make it an experience.

“It feels like you are flying when you are going down the mountain, it’s just like you are carving, it’s like surfing on the ocean, it’s really fun,” Junior Jeremy Jacobson said.

Whether you ski or snowboard be sure to get out on the slopes during the season. Don’t get hurt. Make sure to stop the skiers or snowboarders from ruining your run.



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