MHS Comes Together to Support the Gordon Family

by: Cassi Johnson

Interviews by: Kenzie Fuller & Sommer Waldron

A horrible fire engulfed the house of a local family, which includes two MHS students, on January 6th at 10am.  

Senior Ashlyn Gordon and her sister Shaylee are experiencing the unthinkable and students are ready to help. As word soon got out about the fire, people in the community began brainstorming what they could do to help the Gordon’s. 


Misty Kesler works in the Distinguished Young Women program here in Rexburg. Kesler and the contestants are putting together donations for the Gordon family.

“My son, Boston is 12 years old and he’s best friends with Tyce, which is the youngest Gordon and his friend sent him a picture of their house on fire. My son ran into our room crying that his friends house was on fire. So I quickly was like I wonder what we can do to help. Being in charge with Distinguished young Women I thought this would be a great way to help out,” Kesler said.

To go along with the fundraiser, Kesler is gathering donations to help replace what was lost in the fire for the Gordons, instead of just money. Kesler believes that this is a great way to help. Since the Distinguished Young Woman contestants know Ashlynn and Shaylee, they are even more willing to help friends in need.

“I can only imagine what it would be like to come home and have nothing. When you have had a crappy day and you just want to come home and put on a comfy pair of sweats, right? They don’t even have a pair of sweats. So I thought they will be able to go out and buy things when the insurance money kicks in. Right now they just need the essentials, they need clothes on there back, tooth brushes and why not go to the girls who wear the exact same size as them? I hope it will be a perfect fit,” Kesler says.

Many students at MHS are sad about the Fire that took place. Some even imagined what it would be like if that was them and decided to help by donating and participating in fundraisers.

“I think that it is super sad what happened to them and if something like that happened to me I would want people to help. They have nothing and it is dead of winter,” Junior Lorien Smith said.

“I think that it would be really helpful, since it has just been Christmas time we have lots of leftover stuff that we could give to their family and help them in their time of need,” Junior Navie Jensen said.

“When I put myself in that situation I start to think what I would want and need and I just want to be helpful,” Junior Sarah Holt said.

Not only are there donations and fundraisers around town, a Go Fund Me account has been established for the Gordon family.


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