In a Galaxy Far Far Away…

New Star Wars movie ‘Rogue One’ hits theaters

by: Lyric Evans, Kim Stager, Justin Edwards

On December 16th, the new Star Wars movie ‘Rogue One’ was released. Star Wars has been a hit over the decades, and continues to still impress people today. Senior Joseph Duque and Junior Aaron Toone, who have been fans since they were born, are particularly excited for the new movie.

“I’m pretty excited for it, I am enormous Star Wars fan. I also really like the original trilogy and there were a lot of years between all the different films. So it’s fun to see that expand,” Junior, Aaron Toone said.

Toone said that he has been a fan since he could open his eyes. If he could choose to be any character from Star Wars he would either be Poe Dameron or Yoda.

“I’m pretty excited about it, and I’m really impressed with the aliens and the puppetry, and how they are staying true to the classics but still doing new things with the animation.” Senior Joseph Duque said.

Duque doesn’t remember the time he became a Star Wars fan, because he grew up with it. If he could be any Star Wars character, it would be Chewbacca.

“I have a lot of Star Wars legos to start off. I have a big collection of Star Wars pez dispensers.” Duque said.

For those who don’t know, ‘Rogue One’ follows new characters in a story between episode III and IV rather than continuing after the events of episode VII. After seeing the movie, Duque was interviewed again, and gave his opinions.

“In terms of being like the quality it matches up just as well, and is just as good as the other ones, and the story fits in the whole big picture very nicely.” said Duque.

Senior Joseph Duque

Senior Joseph Duque

In a few words, Duque can only describe the movie as “Holy Freak!”

“One of the cool things about star wars is that it’s not really the beginning…or the end of any story and there’s all these things going on in between just because it’s such a big universe. I like idea of them jumping in at a random point” said Duque.


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