Just A Junior

by: Coy Backstein

Sport Journalism

Have you ever realized how tough it is to make a varsity team as a junior? Brigham Williams did.

Brigham Williams is a basketball player that comes from the small town of Rexburg, Idaho. He was born in Rexburg and has lived there for his whole life.

He was born into a basketball loving family.

Brigham is 6’3”, 150 pound junior that plays basketball for Madison High School.

Brigham has had a lot of family members that played basketball. His dad , Nathan Williams, played high school basketball for the Sugar-Salem Diggers. After high school Nathan got the opportunity to play for Ricks College when they still had a sports program. So of course Brigham was destined to play.

For as long as he can remember, basketball has been a big part of Brigham’s life. There is not a time he can remember that he wasn’t playing basketball.

“I love basketball,” Brigham said. “ It is the greatest sport of all time!”

It’s hard to believe, but basketball has not always been Brigham’s favorite sport. In fact it used to be his least favorite sport.

Brigham used to love baseball. But football and golf were close behind. When Brigham played baseball he was one of the best pitchers in his league and was feared by the opposing batters. He still liked basketball but it was just another sport for him to pass time.

It was not until Brigham realized that he had a gift and was exceptionally better than others that he began to gain a love greater love for the game.

Over the years basketball has given Brigham a passion and the will to learn and work hard.

“Basketball motivates me to work hard to be the the best because the greatest feeling in the world is winning,” said Brigham.

Madison basketball is always a great program to be in. It is a great accomplishment to make a team. For Brigham this was no problem.

He has always had the talent to score points and was gifted with great shooting. Brigham was pulled up as a sophomore to dress down for the Varsity basketball game. He is a great player and knows the game.

As time went by lots of players were worried about not making the basketball team as a junior. Even though Brigham was certainly going to make the team, this still worried him.

“I think Brigham Williams is one of the best basketball players to ever come through Madison High,” said one of Brigham’s close friends Parker Weber.

Time rolled around and he had done it. Brigham Williams was one of only three juniors to make the Madison High School basketball team. How did he do it?

Brigham worked hard. He used his talents. He lifted people up. He showed great leadership and friendship. He did it. He was just a Junior.


Brigham getting ready to play basketball at BYUI.


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