Too Many Injuries

by: Brigham Meneses

Sports Journalism

He might be not as muscular as others as heavy, but he is one heck of a fighter!

Jayson Wade started wrestling when he was four after being inspired by his brothers that also wrestled.  He decided to follow their steps and become great like them. He won many of his matches as a  wrestler at Madison High School and is an outstanding light weight.

Jayson is an ordinary high school student with hobbies like everyone else – he enjoys making youtube videos, hanging out with friends, lip syncing to the radio, and learning a new languages.

With a weight of 110 pounds, Wade has wrestled light weight. Though Wade has had many victories he has also had many injuries. One of the most painful injuries he recalls is breaking his collarbone when in a wrestling match. He remembers having to shove the opponent off of him as he felt excruciating pain.

“Going out of Rigby’s parking lot with speed bumps with a broken bone any bump or movement hurted like crazy,” he said.

And with many dislocated shoulders and broken bones that he has had throughout his wrestling years, hospitals have been almost like a second home for him. After deciding to take a break from wrestling Jayson  recently decided to try out cross country but got injured once more, pulling muscles in his leg and according to doctors they believe that probably had damaged the nerves in groin area. He is currently attending his specialized doctors.

Despite the injuries Wade has been able to always get back up and keep on trying. His mom, Melanie Wade, has always been there for him and has loved to seen him played sports and just watching him has made her proud and when it comes to his injuries she has helped him get back on his feet.

“As a mom you you don’t like to see your child injured but you’re always hoping for the best for him to bounce back,” she said. Advice she gives to all athletes out there  is to take care of your bodies and always eat healthy.

So if you want to be a wrestler Jason offers his advice to you to never give up, ” It gets easier as you go,” he said.

Something that has pushed Jayson to keep going has been the example of  Anthony Robles–a wrestler with one leg, Anthony shows nothing that can stand in your way not even with a disability.

“No challenge is too hard if you work at it, work hard and do your best,” Jayson said.



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