From the Mat to the Podium

by: Mykah Weaver

Sports Journalism

Moki Jensen is poised to take another run at the tournament. His main goal around this time of year is just to get better, and get experience for districts.

Wrestling is a sport where no matter how many matches are won or lost throughout the season nothing matters until wrestlers go to districts to qualify for state. At districts coaches are allowed to send two people in each weight class. Last year at 138 pounds Madison sent Austin Burrell and Moki Jensen to state.

“Every wrestler’s goal is to qualify and place at state,” said Moki. He says that once you go once you’re hooked.

The irony of Moki and Austin is that they are partners in practice.

“Austin pushes me to be better everyday and at every match,” said Moki. The dynamic between the two is supportive yet very competitive. They are friends off the mat but rivals on it.

Assistant Coach Paul Jensen has made a positive impact on everyone’s performance on the team.Moki in particularly has felt Jensen has improved his abilities on the mat.“I have spent more time with (coach) Paul than any coach I’ve ever had.”

Practices are hard at Madison  Head Coach Jake Lords believes that a team that is mentally tough is as important as a physically tough team. Of the drills wrestlers can expect on a hard conditioning day is Shark Bait, Moki’s favorite drill. “It pushes your mind to the limit of what you think your body can do. It helps us to be the best team in the state.”

Moki believe his biggest competition this year is his partner Austin, “He’s strong and has good technique, it’s always a hard fought match between us.”

If you ever want to see Moki at a match or tournament, watch for his speedy high crotch, and tight leg rides. Although he is happy at the progress that has been made over the last month there have been some struggles. In early December Moki was in a car accident giving him a minor concussion, for the last week since it happened he has been healing but is eager to jump back into practices. “I love wrestling, being out for any reason is hard on me. When I see the JV struggling it’s very hard knowing that I can’t be out there with them.” Moki was cleared to come back as of this previous monday.

Jensen said, “Moki has grown so much this last couple of years not only as a wrestler but as a person as well.” The relationship between the two is evident, they interact like friends. Paul genuinely cares about the kids. “I’m hard on the kids at times, but I want them just to be the best they can be. I believe that they could all be state placers.” Moki has a record of 6-0 so far this season and is excited to be the best he can be this season.


Moki Jensen Squares off with his opponent at a Madison home meet.


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