A True Bobcat Fan

by: Jorlin Hernandez

Sports Journalism

Jorge Hernandez (aka Junior) is a big supporter of the Madison Bobcats. Hernandez was born and raised in Rexburg, Idaho. He grew up with two  older sisters and one older  brother.

One of his favorite sports he likes to attend is the basketball. Since he was little he loved watching the game of basketball, he grew up liking and watching the Los Angeles Lakers play.

Hernandez tries to attend as many Madison games as he can on his free time since he also is on the debate team. When he shows up to games he sits with the spirit section and cheers on his team. One of his key players he likes to watch most is Jaxon Edelmayer–he just likes how he plays overall, from his ball handling, to his dunks and up to his shots.

“I have a feeling Jaxon is going somewhere with his athleticism,” Hernandez said. 

Ever since Hernandez was in 7th grade, he started attending some of Madison’s games. Out of all the games he’s attended, he thought basketball caught his eye the most. One of the reasons is because in his opinion, he thinks that more students come support the basketball team than any other sport Madison has. What really got him into it was when each game he went to, he noticed how the crowd hyped up the players.

“I think the crowd puts a big impact on the players, I think that if we cheer them on they’ll play better,” Hernandez said.

Since then, he’s attended more than 100 games, that goes from football, wrestling, baseball, and basketball. During the fall Junior attends most of the home football games. In the winter he attends basketball, and in the spring he likes attending baseball and track.

Junior said that in football there are about 40-50 players playing the sport who can’t cheer the team on with them being in the student section. While in basketball there are only 11 players who play the sport.

“It makes a pretty big difference because most of those people who play football come to the game and they all bring their friends, so it makes it more interesting.

“I would like it if everyone from Madison could go and support our team, it would me a lot to the players and the coaches,” Junior said.

Knowing that this is Junior’s last year of high school he hopes to go to as many games as possible to end his high school year with a highlight.


A True Bobcat Supporter


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