Top Ten Winter Day Date Ideas

by Hannah Brewer and Rachel Morrin

With the upcoming Winter Formal, there can can be much stress with planning a day date. Winter is a good time to enjoy the outdoors with the snow. Recently we went around asking students at school what their idea of a good day date would be. Below is a list of 10 things that students at MHS said would be fun (not in any particular order):

  1. Sledding
  2. Looking at Christmas lights
  3. Drinking hot chocolate
  4. Planning a meal with $5 *Read Sam Chambers quote to find out morBoard games
  5. Paintballing
  6. Building snowmen, snow angels, etc.
  7. Iceskating
  8. Snowmobiling
  9. Skiing/Snowboarding

When planning dates there’s always the issue of how long to make the date. 

“Day dates should be no longer than 3 hours, so generally I think that 2 to 3 hours is the best amount of time for a day date, other wise it is just too long and everyone is just exhausted,” Senior Caleb Barzee said.

Most high school students don’t have a lot of money, which makes it tricky to want to go on dates and spend money. Dating does not have to be super expensive if you plan the right activities.

We asked Junior Sam Chambers about his thoughts on cheap dates.

“For a cheap date go to the store with $5 and then you have to make a whole meal with $5. And then board game night is always really fun. You just use the food they have in their house and play 8 ball pool or Foosball and you just have a big Olympic game competition.” Chambers said.

Hopefully these dating ideas will help you plan your date for the upcoming Winter Formal. Everyone have a good time and don’t forget to stay warm!




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