Ten Things to keep you busy over Christmas Break

by Gabrielle Carter, Alexa Schwab, and Emily Stumpf



We all look forward to Christmas break, but when it comes we often find ourselves with nothing to do. After interviewing students at MHS, the ten most common things to do were:

Spend time with family

More than half the people we interviewed said they spend a lot of their break with their family, whether that is by choice, or because they have nothing else to do.

Sophomore Jaden Schwab said, “Spending time with my family, we play board games, and watch lots of movies.”

    Many students do things similar to Schwab, which is why spending time with family is first on the list.

Ski and Snowboard

‘Tis the season for skiing and snowboarding. When interviewing senior Sam Fisher, he said,

“During Christmas break, I go skiing every day. I usually just go to Targhee.”

Living in Rexburg, we have two close skiing resorts, Targhee and Kelly Canyon. Not only is it so fun, but it’s also close

Hang out with friends:

It has never been written that one must pass the long days of Christmas break by one’s self. A surefire way to spruce up your break is to hang out with your friends. Don’t forget to take some selfies to capture the great time you have!


Bears have it figured out. They spend the winter months asleep in a dark, warm cave. Why not get in touch with your wild side by taking a nap or two? School deprives teenagers of the sleep we desperately need, and Christmas break is a great time to catch up on those lost hours of slumber.


Holiday goodies are a Christmas tradition among many families. One of the best ways to spend your Christmas break is to stuff yourself with every sugary treat under the sun.


Playing in the snow is a big hit here, considering that Rexburg gets a lot of snow and cold weather. Funnest things to do in the snow is sledding most people said while getting interviewed. There are so many sleds out there that supply you with all different kinds of fun. Go out there and hit your homemade jumps on those killer sleds!

Build Snowmen

December comes with lots of snow. Why not take that cold, white powder and do something fun with it? Building s snowman is so popular and yet so easy! You can custom make your own snowman, all the power is in your hands, who doesn’t love that?! Building snowman leads you to imagine, all those days daydreaming in class of your perfect snowman, you can now create!


Going on vacation during Christmas break is very common. There isn’t many times during the school year you can miss school for a vacation, and with the break, its the perfect time. Kalli Thueson said

“ I usually go on vacation with my family, we go up to our cabin, or sometimes our parents surprise us with a trip. Like last year we went to Mexico!”

The snow is super fun until you freeze, so who woul     dn’t love a vacation to somewhere sunny?

Ice skating

Winter time is the best time to go ice skating, during Christmas break winter time is even better. Ice skating is such a fun and partly easy activity. When interviewing Emily Sena, we asked her what kind of stuff she does with her friends and family she said,

“ Ice skating and snowball fights!”

Interested we asked Sena if she could do anything cool on skates, to which she said

“ I can skate backwards!”

Watch Hallmark Movies

Mistletoe is an iconic symbol of Christmas. No one in the world utilizes this more than Hallmark. Curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket is a great way to pass those lazy hours during Christmas break.



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