Continuing Christmas Traditions

Come Celebrate Christmas at MHS through music

by Lexie Schwab, Kim Stager, Allison Lundin, Anna Shirley

Christmas is right around the corner! A time for carols, snow, skis/snowboards, and hot cocoa. Everyone celebrates the holidays in different ways but many come together in one. This year, just like every year at MHS, a concert is coming your way. On December 15th, the Fine Arts Program (which include the MHS Orchestra, Choirs, and Band) is bringing to you the concert of the year. The high school is coming together to continue a long tradition and spread holiday cheer.  

Senior Camille Garner is in the MHS band and plays the flute and the piccolo. Garner has been in band playing the flute since 5th grade and although it took hard work she soon fell in love with it. It takes a lot of work from each program and sometimes seems like there isn’t enough time to be prepared.

“It’s kind of frantic, but we make it work. It’s Christmas music so everyone loves it, so everyone’s willing to work on it.” Garner said.

To have a great performance, three MHS teachers lead their students in preparation. These great leaders are Mr. Hansen, Mr. Hinck, and Mr. North. All three of these men are hard workers who have devoted much of their lives to teaching music.Senior Mitchell Blanchard is a member of the MHS Bel Cantos choir lead by Mr. Hinck, and has dedicated himself to hours and hours of practice for this program.

“It should be a great program because we have three great music leaders bringing together one program. I am looking forward to coming together as different Fine Arts program and bringing together the entire community.” Blanchard said.

Junior Spencer Hinck and Junior Krystle Mickelsen are both in orchestra. Hinck plays the cello and is also in choir as a bass. Mickelsen plays the violin and sometimes the viola. They practice diligently inside and outside of school for about a month.

“[We] go over and over songs so that they can become more solid and then we go over the spots that aren’t as well through.” said Mickelsen.

There are many Christmas Classics that will be played. Mickelsen’s favorite song they are going to be playing is Mary Did You Know.

“Once we combine with the band and eventually everyone else, I think it will be really cool” said Mickelsen.

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with MHS on December 15, 2016.

Musettes practice for Fine Arts Concert


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