Christmas Dance is transformed into Winter Formal

by Rachel Morrin, Sara Thurgood, Natalie Fullmer, Carson Meredith, and Karli Kidd

The Christmas dance has been an annual event that many students at MHS look forward to. Whether you’re a sophomore or a senior, it’s an exciting event to attend. This year things are different.

The Christmas dance was originally planned for the first weekend in December. However, that weekend David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco sang at a concert put on by BYU-Idaho. This could have greatly affected the turnout of the dance, which led the junior class officers to change the date of the dance to January 7, changing the traditional Christmas dance to the Winter Formal.

“I wasn’t really happy about it, but there wasn’t a lot we could do…the administration didn’t want us to schedule it so there would be conflict. There was the concert, an away boys basketball game, and then a girls basketball game, and then it was the break, so there wasn’t a lot we could do,” Junior class officer, Kiersten Crowther said.

Although they tried to avoid major conflicts, the Winter Formal now interferes with a debate and a wrestling tournaments.

“The Christmas dance is supposed to be something that’s annual…and that gives you that Christmas feeling. Right after that, it just seems like a dreary winter formal.” Sophomore Oliver Hancock said.

When asked if he would choose the debate tournament over the dance, Hancock said he would probably choose the tournament.

“It’s the biggest tournament of the year besides state.” Hancock said.

He hopes to be able to attend more dances as his high school career goes on. Rather than being at the dance, Christensen will be participate at a wrestling tournament in Rollie Lane, Boise with the rest of his team.

“At first I was a little disappointed because it is a favorite dance of the year, but then I realized that I won’t have to spend any money,” Junior Kaleb Christensen said.

Several students are interested to see how the turnout of this dance will be, with many students pursuing other school activities and the dance being scheduled so close to the Sweetheart’s Ball in February. Senior class president, Cameron Thueson brought up this possible concern.

“Honestly I feel like it’s a good idea, but I’m kind of worried having the Winter Ball and Sweetheart’s so close each other. Like having one of them not get the turnout that they want,” Thueson said.

MHS administration is not worried about the success of either of the two dances.

gentile-winterformalVice Principal Steve Gentile

“Everyone was worried that the dance would clash with other things… They’re going to get a great DJ that plays songs that the students want to hear. There are going to be goods and bads of both sides. January is such a long, cold, boring month, I think it was a good move in the end. Any change you ever make to anything, everyone’s going to react,” Gentile said.

Those in charge of the dance hope that there will be just as good of a turnout. Whether it is a Christmas dance or winter formal, there will be students supporting the activity and having a good time. Take advantage of the extra time you know have to get your date for the Winter Formal.


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