Chasing David

It all started during 4th hour..

by: Cassi Johnson

Since we found out that David Archuleta was coming to town, the Bobcat Beat Staff was dying to get an interview. So we emailed his booking agent and management, no response. On Thursday November 1st he posted on his Instagram a picture of the Idaho sign.


David Archuleta’s Instagram post.

The class went frantic. We had everyone pull out their phones to message him on all social media. We became the ultimate press. We found out where David goes every time he is in town. We contacted Florence’s, Graffiti and BYU Idaho Center Stage. Most of the places we left a number with them to get a hold of us if they see David this weekend. Senior Lyric Evans was in contact with a man who helped on Center Stage and he texted us updates of what the rehearsal schedules were. Junior Carson Meredith was messaging with the president of BYU Idaho and he gave us the number of the stage manager. When Meredith talked with the stage manager, he said he would talk with David to get us an interview with him.

During the last 5 minutes of 5th hour that day, I get a text from Junior Hannah Bennett saying that she has a huge update and we have to leave now. I wanted to wait till the bell rang to leave since we were so close to having school be out. I honestly didn’t think it was that important until I look up from my desk and Bennett was asking my teacher to let me leave early. In the hall she shows me a picture of David at The Hickory. Once we left class, Meredith and Evans immediately follow and we sprinted down the halls shouting at people to move!

We pulled into The Hickory parking lot and ran inside. Bennett works there so we talked with the people at the front and we missed him by 2 MINUTES!!! We were devastated but started planning our next step. We hustled up to the Hart building on campus. After roaming around we realized he probably went to Florence’s and we totally missed him again! At Florence’s, we discovered that he hadn’t been there yet but they would contact us if he did.

We went back up to campus and roamed around looking for someone wearing a hat and tan pants. Everywhere we went people told us that we just missed him or that they saw him awhile ago. We went back to the I Center at BYU Idaho and we heard music from the auditorium and heard David singing! We were so upset.


Hearing David Archuleta during rehearsal.

We left that day with heavy hearts and frowns on our faces.


Leaving the I Center at BYU Idaho

The next day we shared our adventure with the class. Our spirits were low but the class lifted them and we messaged him again. Meredith got a phone call from the stage manager and he told us that they had received all of our messages but David refuses to do any interviews or press. We have never felt more devastated. We had chased David but came in last place.


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