Who is the @mhscompiliments16?

by Mackenzie Fuller

If you have Instagram you have probably heard or seen @mhscompliments16. Some students here at MHS created this page, to simply share kindness throughout social media and our school.

“We just thought it would’ve nice spread positivity throughout Madison there has been a lot of negative vibes going on lately, we just want to make sure everyone feels happy and welcome here at Madison,” one of the students who own the account said.

The account started on November 11, and has 456 followers and 142 compliments posted, and continually changing. The account gets sent 3-4 compliments day usually. They post about anyone who goes here at Madison.

A screenshot of the @mhscompliments16 Instagram page Courtesy Photo

A screenshot of the @mhscompliments16 Instagram page
Courtesy Photo

“Its really cool how it has gotten so big so fast. We just wanted to start sharing the kindness on social media and hopefully it will spread throughout school,” the member said.

“Lots of people who receive a compliment usually end up sending some in, and it’s really cool to see how it’s like a chain reaction and brings more good every single day,” another owner said.

“It’s just a good feeling to see people’s lives be changed through small and simple things,” the second owner continued.

The owners want to stay anonymous so everyone keeps sending in compliments. Keep sending the love by sharing compliments. To share a compliment it is really simple, just direct message (DM) the page and say your compliment and a picture of the person you are writing about.


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