What’s up in 4th hour at MHS

A typical article takes about 3-5 days to brainstorm, interview, create and edit. Today we challenged the Bobcat Beat staff to write an article in an hour. Take a look at some of the things that happen at MHS during 4th hour.

Electricity Sparks

by: Isaac Williams

Electronics is a great class that teaches students how electricity works, and how to build circuits. This class is taught by Mr. Call during fourth hour.

Students in Mr. Call’s 4th hour, learn about the properties of electricity. During first trimester, they build various circuits. They also have to measure voltage, currents, and resistance.

“We learn how electricity works to start with. So now at the end they are building circuits, measuring the voltage, the current, resistance, predict what they should get and then measure it to see if they are getting what they predicted.” Mr. Call said.

Clay to Art

by: Nathan Powell

Ceramics is an easy, creative art class offered here at MHS during our 4th hour class.

Jacob Peck is a Senior at MHS, this is his first trimester doing ceramics, and he loves it! In ceramics the students get a chance to release their creativity and imagination into their art. Mr. Lauritsen, the ceramics teacher, is loved by his students because he supports everything they want to make, even if it’s a bit odd to him. So what exactly do you make in ceramics?

“We build whatever we want to build to reflect our inner selves. In the class I’ve made some mugs, vases, a “man mug,” a few owl whistles, and a pot,” Jacob said.


Jacob’s “Man Mug”

Vocational Prep

by: Rebecca Neal

The vending machines at MHS are always restocked by the Vocational Prep class during fourth hour.

The students in the vocational preparation class help around the school to prepare for future jobs after high school, and one of those jobs is the vending machines. Mrs. Owen, one of the class teachers, explains what the students do.

“They’re stocking the vending. They’re learning to find the right product to stock it, make sure the labels are turned so they’re showing, to look at the work and make sure everything is complete, they’re seeing what’s missing.” Owen said.

The class does more than just keep the vending machines stocked. The students help all over the school to keep it running nicely and gain valuable skills.

“They also take care of the lunchroom after lunch and put the tables away and clean up after, sweep the floor. They clean the drinking fountains and the handrails some days. Some days we clean the career center, and vacuum and dust and clean off the computers, tabletops, countertops, that sort of thing. They fold towels for Mrs. Eastin’s classroom, they sweep the floor in Mr. Hinck’s room. A couple days a week they go and clean specific classrooms in their prep hour to vacuum and clean off the desks. It helps them to be invested in their school and to take pride in their school.” Mrs. Owen said.


Well Stocked Vending Machines by The Vocational Prep Class

The class has lots of benefits for the school and even more for the students, as Mrs. Owen explains.

“They’re learning skills, they’re learning to communicate. A lot of times they’ll work as teams so they have to communicate with the other person what’s needed or what they need to be doing. They’re learning to be on time and use their time efficiently so they’re not goofing off, stay focused and on task. They’re learning to follow directions, and all sorts of things that you would need to be a good employee. It’s helping the kids to learn vocational skills so that when they leave high school they’re ready to work in a job and know the kinds of skills that will help them be successful.” Mrs. Owen said.

Behind the Scenes at MHS

by: Spencer Williams

If you walk into Madison Senior High School on any given Thursday, you will probably notice a group of people with carts of candy and drinks. These students and teachers have the opportunity to restock vending machines as part of their vocational prep class.

“It is a twice a week thing that we get to share in,” said a class aide. “It’s fun for them to participate in and they learn while doing it.”

There is a lot more to explore during this class hour immediately following lunch.

Behind the Scenes at MHS Video




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