Public Displays of Affection

by: Nathan Powell, Isaac Williams, Rebecca Neal

Hugging, kissing, and holding hands are common sights walking down the halls of MHS. Some students think that it’s fine to participate in these activities, while others think it’s inappropriate.

“The statistics say you’re not going to be spending the rest of your life together with your high school honey. So you’re setting yourself up for being odd feeling in the future with someone you really will spend time with,” Mr. Gentile said.

Some people may ask themselves, ‘What is the boundary for PDA in our school?’ Many of the students here at MHS see couples holding hands, hugging, and even kissing as we walk through the halls, but what is the limit? Junior, Kenzie Parker, gives us her opinion on what she thinks is too much.

“I think that holding hands and having an arm around each other is fine, but when you’re making out in the halls it’s kind of awkward for everyone,” Parker said.

Everyone has different views on what is crossing the line or wonder if there is even a line. With all of it going on, should there be a rule enforced about it? Senior, Jake Rammel voiced his opinion.

I don’t think they should have a rule on it, I just think people should be smart enough to know not to do it.” Rammel said.

Our MHS Student Handbook says,

“The  expression of feelings of affection between two individuals should not interfere with others around them. Therefore, let good taste and respect for others be a guideline for public display of feelings in relationships. Being overly affectionate in school is not in good taste and may lead to disciplinary action.

Administration at MHS keep students in line, but it can be difficult as Mr. Busby explains.

“I think when we see it we try to enforce it, but we don’t see everything.” said Mr. Busby

While faculty do their best, what really causes change and cuts down on PDA is the influence of the students themselves.

“You guys saying ‘hey, knock it off’ means a lot more than us going ‘hey, no’.  Well we’re just old farts that don’t know anything about love. But if you guys say ‘hey that’s too far’ it makes a difference” said Mr. Gentile.


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