Make the Internet Great Again!

by: Lynn Hall and Kalli Thueson

photos from: Twitter

This last week, the internet exploded as news broke that Donald Trump had won the Presidential election. Many people were very upset about the news; riots started and people assembled and started yelling “Not my president!”


Donald Trumps reaction to the protesters on the night of the election

Some MHS students are also very vocal about their opinions on the new president. And how the presidential debate went. Bennett Smith and Tanner Cornelius, Junior, had a few words for us.

“I am actually really glad; I feel like Hillary Clinton is a lot more corrupted and I feel like Donald Trump has a lot more potential for bringing in to pass more important things than Hillary would.” Smith said.

“It makes me very happy because my dad is a businessman so he is going to take some import cost down from other nations which will bring in more businesses and more businesses like Nike and Ford and GM will start to build more here and that can really help us.” Cornelius said

Although Idaho is a very republican-dominate state and Rexburg is no exception, the democrats living here also voice their opinions. Sophomore Carter Allen is a democrat and he says he hated the outcome of the election.

“I was horrified, absolutely and completely horrified. I didn’t expect it.” Allen said.

Although Allen doesn’t really use social media he does say he’s pretty vocal about being a democrat in this area.

“I feel like it makes it more important that i’m speaking my mind and speak my contradicting points, so that I can kinda spread my beliefs as part of the democratic process.” Allen said.

A lot of the reactions has been spread through social media like wildfire. There are always riots after elections but the media hasn’t been as strong as it’s been in todays age. Now that we have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat those people that own the account are democrat and republican so they are going to be biased on what they put on there social media accounts.

The votes have been counted, the polls are closed, and the war is finally over. Donald J. Trump is now the President-elect of the USA, and will take office in January 2017.


On the night of the election the Trump family gathered to watch.


One response to “Make the Internet Great Again!

  1. This is a very interesting subject. How can these people say this is “not my president” ? if you live in america, there is only one president and he is every ones president. So if you are a citizen here Trump is your president.


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