Who is Mr. Forbes?

By: Haylie Brown, MaKenzie Fuller and Julianan Short

If you’ve been curious as to why there is always a thunderous noise in the hall during the 15 minute pause, we have the answer for you. Mr. Forbes. Everyday students see the new teacher rolling down the hall with his portable classroom and applaud him.

Junior Preston Nelson, one student who started the clapping phenomenon, gives us the scoop on why.
“He doesn’t have a classroom and he just walks around in the hall, so we clap for him. We wanted to make him happy, feel welcomed here.”

Junior Dillan Egbert, the student who came up with the initial idea to clap, tells us more.
“We started clapping out of respect for Forbes.”

Mr Forbes grew up in Atlanta, Georgia until he was 12, then moved to southern Indiana where he lived until graduating from high school. His family now lives in Chicago. He did his student teaching in Las Vegas and worked construction over the summer.

With Forbes’s rising fame in the school, many students are still wondering why he chose Madison instead of another district.

“I applied for Madison High School because my girlfriend is still attending BYU Idaho,” Mr. Forbes said.
It is clearly obvious he does not have a classroom of his own, but he does not seem to mind.
“It’s actually not that bad! I enjoy traveling through the halls interacting with everyone. Plus, I don’t have to worry about decorating and cleaning a room.”
If you’ve ever wondered how it feels to be applauded while walking down the hall, Forbes gives us all the details.
“I don’t know how to react because it’s really awkward, kind of like when everyone sings happy birthday to you.”
While we certainly don’t want Mr. Forbes to feel awkward, we hope we feels welcomed and respected at Madison.


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