Fall to Winter Sports

By: Alexis Navarrete, Sommer Waldron, and Hallie Cichos

Here at MHS our fall sports are coming to a close and it’s time to start winter sports. The fall sports teams made us proud and we all have high hopes for winter sports.

Elizabeth Park, Senior, is the captain for Girl’s Cross Country who got first at Districts. Park said that winning Districts was one of the team’s goals for this year. They accomplished that goal by,

“Working hard at practice. Showing up to all the practices and like really it’s just individual determination, if you don’t want it then you’re not going to get it.” Park said.

Kimball Allowitz, Senior, is the captain for the Boy’s Cross Country, who got first at Districts as well. It took a lot of different aspects to achieve this accomplishment.

“Hard work, and patience with each other and with our coaches.” Allowitz said.

Kyler Clark, Senior, a captain for the Varsity Football team, who got second at Districts, said that they had many small goals to lead up to their main goal which is to become the state champs.

“I’m proud of my teammates and how far we’ve come, I’m glad I was able to work and get to know every single person on this team and the lessons they have taught me. I will always be proud to be a Madison Bobcat!”  Clark said.

Hannah Wilson, Junior, is a member of the volleyball team who got third at State. As a team, they set goals they would like to reach and how they would plan to achieve these goals.

, “[Our goals were] to pass a 2.5 each game, host districts, win districts, and be state champs. We pushed ourselves and took it one game at a time.” Wilson said.

Carson Meredith, Junior, is a member of the MHS Boy’s Soccer team said that one of their goals was to be better than they were last year and make it into Districts. The team succeeded and got fourth in Districts. They did this by, “We really just tried to work as a team and instead of tearing each other down when someone messed up we would try to help them in a positive way to fix what they did.” Meredith said.


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